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telecommuting to reduce carbon emissions

I think the idea of reducing emissions and traffic through telecommuting has not been given enough attention. For knowledge workers whose primary job involves sitting at a computer all day anyway I see no reason why those jobs can't be done from a home with high speed internet. I think it's the next evolutionary step in virtualization. It reduces the power consumption required to maintain office spaces as well as highway congestion and fuel emissions. The technology to communicate securely over the internet has existed for some time and many knowledge workers already possess the mobile connectivity required to adjust their work locations immediately. It is only by allowing telecommuting that solutions to the problems with productivity and accountability can be addressed. I think tax incentives should be offered to companies for each knowledge worker that is able to telecommute at least 50% of the time (not including employees whose jobs are >= 50% travel). Government should actively promote telecommuting and reward those companies that implement it. Telecommuters themselves receive a reward by reducing fuel costs and personal stress but telecommuting should be voluntary where it is offered. Some of the tools for solving the problems of global warming and fuel consumption are already staring us in the face. The benefit is immediate and doesn't require any further research and I believe that it is foolish not to capitalize on it.



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