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Smart Roads / Electricity Generation

I suggest you look at a promising new technology from a company in Israel called "Innowattech"

They have recently been awarded a multi million dollar contract in Italy to install a system into a highway that converts mechanical energy into electricity. The system uses what is called "Piezo Electric Generators" that are placed under the surface of the road way. The generators converts the motion of passing vehicles into electricity.

You will find lots of valuable information on their site to include lots of press releases.

With the proposal of an infastructure bank this technology might offer a way for the DOT to generate income buy generating electricity from our highways and selling it to the local utilities.


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  1. Comment
    Murray Bodin

    You misunderstand the concept of energy. Gasoline was used to make the vehicle go forward. Any energy recovered is energy that came from the fuel the car used. Recovering energy in the way you describe causes the vehicle to use MORE fuel.

    This is an example of an idea that no one did any logical thought on.

  2. Comment
    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Sir with all due respect you are incorrect.

    You need to look at the companies web site at the link I provided.

    The systems involved DO NOT in any way increase the road ways resistance to any vehicle & they DO NOT in any way affect the fuel efficiency of any vehicle.

  3. Comment
    Murray Bodin

    It is called "Conservation of Energy". Energy has to come from somewhere. If a car is going 50 MPH, some form of energy made it go that fast. If you recover some of that energy, you recover energy from the fuel. And if you recover energy from the moving car, then MORE fuel has to be used to keep the car up to speed.

  4. Comment
    Murray Bodin

    If you are not willing to identify yourself with your name, so anyone can check your qualifications as a reliable poster, then your posts have little validity.

    I know that many people read these posts, and don't comment. If you want your post to be taken seriously, then use your name.

    The mis-spellings are because I am dyslexic and miss the errors.