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Online rulemaking dockets

OMB Watch encourages the Department of Transportation to release to the public more information about regulatory decisionmaking. For information related to rulemakings, any documents, communications, or other material DOT's rulemaking agencies (e.g. NHTSA, FAA, etc.) choose to disclose should be placed in the electronic rulemaking docket accessible to the public at Specifically, we suggest disclosure of the following types of information:


- Any study, research, or other input used during the rulemaking, regardless of whether the information ultimately informed the decisionmaking;


- All written communications among federal offices and agencies, including the White House Office of Management and Budget;


- All substantive communications, both written and oral, between the agency and an outside party pertaining to the rulemaking.


Online disclosure is critical to meaningful transparency. We recognize that some of these materials may already be routinely available in agencies’ paper dockets or through a FOIA request, but, in the Internet era, the public expects online access to documents of interest. DOT should strive for consistency in all of its dockets. Online rulemaking dockets available at should become the authoritative dockets, that is, identical to those maintained by the agencies in hard copy.


Matthew R. Madia

Federal Regulatory Policy Analyst

OMB Watch



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