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The “Human Factor” in the U.S. Transportation Management Center. Project Management – Operations – The Traveler


It’s a balance between technology and psychology at all levels. All areas throughout the world with the respected need for TMCs have standardized practices that are universal. But, are there any studies and developments to compare the differences? I have yet to see the acknowledgement that all TMC are different and have to be adjusted according to the local needs. Its a non-traditional approach to traffic mangement under traditional agencies.


Examples: Interagency communication, local roadway lingo, operator interaction with technology and ATMS software (How advanced is it really?), the perceived information provided to travelers.


This can be a topic with multiple layers. But, I know the issues are very common. The U.S. is falling behind due to traditional government titles and policies that are not not fit for new toechnology and a new generation.



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