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Making Traffic Lights More Efficient

II would like you to consider upgrades in traffic control. To keep this short I would like to do some quick math.

I car uses approximately 1 ounce of gasoline idling for one minute.

Traffic lights typically cycle in 30 second to 1 minute cycles.

If we saved just 1 ounce of gasoline at only 1000 traffic lights per hour per state (51 counting DC) the math goes like this:

(1ounce)X(1000lights)X(24hours)X(365days)X(51states)divided by (128ounces per gallon) equals 3,490,312 GALLONS (yes 3.49 MILLION GALLONS) of GASOLINE a year being saved by just fixing 1000 traffic lights (not to mention all the thousands more) that need to be fixed. I believe this would be an extremely simple cost efficient program that could save America millions of gasoline a year. Please consider this in the President's new Race For The Green Program..



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