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Harnessing Traffic Lights

There are many ways to generate electricity. To name just a few that we know we have dynamo(use for bicycles), turbine being turned by water, solar cell using sun lights, battery being recharged by alternator as in car and many more that created pollution problem. But here is a new potential sources of lights: vehicles headlights that can probably be trapped or tapped using fiberoptics or present day technology. This can be used to light post lamp in our cities all over the world reducing loads on POWER GRIDs which eventually results in pollution reduction. The operation will begin at night time because traffic lights are acive at that time. This will only be tried first on our busy streets using sensitive materials that can distribute lights on different parts of the city. Therefore this will require a new fiberoptic grid that might in the long run be shared with internet and other communication systems in place to avoid crowding that are already inherent in our cities/towns power systems. At any given nights cities around the world glitter. Thats our sources of energy in the future. It probably can be used to charged batteries for electric cars as well. It will be limited but no busy streets will run out of it rain or shine as long as the traffic goes.



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