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DOT Should Implement The Electronic Logs for Commercial Drivers

The only way to truly stop drivers from driving beyond their limits is to implement electronic logs with gps tracking that can be monitored and/or downloaded by dot on a regular basis. Drivers and companies still operate unsafely due to the hours of service regulations and paperback style log books. The regulations are not being met and shippers do not care about hours of service. Shippers and Recievers would be forced to work better with the drivers if drivers were forced to comply with hours of service properly. I myself drive tired all the time. The hours of service and the time wasted at docks do not allow me reasonable sleep to operate the vehicle safely. The law says I'm ok to drive but my body says different. I know I am putting myself and others at risk. The law forces me to do so and I do what I have to do to feed my family.



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