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Courtesy maintenace checkpoints

Truck Drivers with alot of over-regulatory circumstances in their daily travels. Since the creation of CSA emphasis is often on the Commercial Vehicles working order.Now many Drivers fear open scalehouses and checkpoints thinking they're looking for simple in need of repair items ( like marker lights or a trailer license plate light) to give them a reason to investigate the driver further. Among all the pressures of Driving Truck, this additionally puts emotional pressure on the Driver.FOR WHY? Is it not about Safety and reassuring the Driver of a Safe Vehicle to Drive? Why not for once utize these target operations as a Courtesy Checkpoint. Allowing ALL motorist to enter a checkpoint or scalehouse for a Safety Check. For Trucks, Free from a regulatory citation or certified Inspection. Truck Drivers must Drive among all of the under maintained vehicles out there but if they chose to drive thru Scale House rather than around they take the chance of a visit with the staff often due to the world of crap the Government calls Regulatory Compliance.


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    myhighwayman ( Idea Submitter )

    YES INDEED. 2011 and the world of commercial vehicles is buried in regulatory hogwash. Never before have we witnessed so many untalented Truck Drivers. We see men and women ,over the road Truck Drivers suffering from obesity due to an Hours of Service Regulation requiring thes folks to camp out for ten long hours.The F.M .C.S.A. is just another Government agency that operates as amny functions of Government do with more not so talented indivduals creating rules and regulations for an Industry they do not completely understand. The good ole U.S.A. is becoming the laughed at U.S.of A.Just like the Presidential Debates. Issues about Crap. Nothing ever changes. No newly inspired visions or someone to stand up and take command. A bunch of weasles looking for status. Take a look at whats going on on our Highways and who gets these Highway improvement contracts. Where the heck is the Leadership? Oh yeah they're there saying my side's better than your side. Our tea party,s better than your pee party. My dad's bigger than your Dad.It's a mockery to see todays politicians.And like trucking to see their wisdoms carried out into the field. Turning the working class into the I don't give a Rats Ass Class.