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Most highway users do not know this site exist. Our highways are a battlefield. The national news depicts frightening wrecks involving commercial vehicles. Of course the feds answer to any commercial vehicle crash is distracted driving, fatigue,hours of service or weather related. Indeed these crashes may have relationship to the crash. Many of "us", long time highway drivers know ther is more to the story that incidentals. Our Commercial workforce is seriously lacking " Talent ".Professional Drivers have no more " on the ball" than the average driver. Fact is they drive the " Big Rigs" like cars which represents a serious lack of knowledgeable education by Driver and Regulator. This site could become a valuable source, or it could be like a FMCSA listening session.


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    Long ago in anothe site I made the suggestion that the trucking schools should be regulated better. The schools are not turning out safe drivers, they are mass producing steering wheel holders. Thank you for having the same views. Sam